Atlantic Health Medical Associates 

provides medical, wellness and weight loss services for adults ages 18 and over.


Internal Medicine

The internal medicine team at Atlantic Health MedicalAssociates is led by lead physician Dr. Volrick Morrison D,O. He is joined by nurse practitioners Katherine Mendez-Martinez, APRN,FNP-BC and  Sara Medeiros. This team cares for patients ages 18 and over. Whether you are experiencing medical issues or seeking preventive care, our providers believe it is the greatest privilege to treat, guide and counsel you through the process.

  • Complete physical exams

  • Pre-operative exams

  • Preventive health care

  • Management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease or asthma

  • Primary care of depression or mental health issues

  • Same-day sick or injury visits

  • Women's healthcare

  • Men's healthcare

  • Routine immunizations

  • Basic treatment of dermatologic disease including wart treatments and simple skin lesion removals and biopsies


Osteopathy Medicine & Manipulative Treatment

Osteopathic physicians, also known as DOs, work in partnership with their patients of all ages and backgrounds. They consider the impact that lifestyle and community have on the health of each individual, and they work to break down barriers to good health. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury. Osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, is hands-on care. It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, your osteopathic physician will move your muscles and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance. When appropriate, OMT can complement, and even replace, drugs or surgery. In this way, OMT brings an important dimension to standard medical care."



Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the breasts. Whether this is your first visit to the gynecologist as a young woman or your mature years later in life, we will work hard to provide quality health care to you. We provide a range of women’s health care services. Atlantic Health Medical Associates features a female gynecologist who understands that each stage of a woman’s life is a physical transition. Our menu of services addresses our patients’ most common issues. We strongly believe that women have the right to fully understand their medical assessment and all the options available to them. We are always aware of each woman’s individuality, unique needs, and personal priorities and provide individualized care.


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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing can be in the form of a blood test, a skin test, or an elimination diet. Skin testing is the most widely used and the most helpful in finding the cause of allergies. There are several different methods, but all involve exposing the skin to small amounts of various substances and observing the reactions over time.


Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy provides treatment for incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and other pelvic disorders. It uses hands-on physical therapy to stretch, strengthen and relax muscles in the lower pelvis. The physical therapist uses a massage-like technique, known as myofascial release, to help stretch and release the fascia (connective tissue between the skin and underlying muscle and bones) to help alleviate your pelvic discomfort or pain.